In general, you cannot refinance an SBA 504 loan with another SBA loan. The SBA will allow you to refinance the first mortgage if the SBA 504 second mortgage is re-subordinated. A modification of the SBA loan can be requested to adjust the terms, but that modification request must meet a strict set of requirements.

In order to refinance SBA loan programs, there are a number of things that you will need to do.Many people get an SBA loan because they believe it to be the best route for them at the time, however, once they get involved with the program, they find that it may not be the best loan program for them.

Tips in Refinancing Debt With a SBA 7 (a) Loan. If credit cards are being refinanced, SBA requires a borrower certification that the credit card has only been used for business purposes, and if a personal credit card is being refinanced, copies of receipts are required. Also, be sure to base the loan maturity for the portion.

The Small Business Administration (SBA), for example, charges 3% of the SBA-guaranteed portion for loans between $150,000 and $700,000, with higher fees for loans over $700,000. If you don’t plan to own your company long enough to recuperate these additional costs, it may not be logical to refinance your small business loan at this time.

Can I refinance an SBA loan with another SBA loan? According to the SBA, to refinance a loan through the SBA, you must have at least 36 months of payment history on the loan with no past due payments. If you’ve purchased a business and acquired debt with it, you’ll need to have 24 months of recorded payments to refinance.

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" The SBA 504 refinance program came at the right time. We were facing a significant balloon payment with our old loan. The refi offered a fixed rate over 20 years. It gives us more financial flexibility and allows us to allocate more dollars to initiative that will help the company grow and create new jobs. "

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An IRRRL may be done with "no money out of pocket" by including all costs in the new loan or by making the new loan at an interest rate high enough to enable the lender to pay the costs. When refinancing from an existing VA ARM loan to a fixed rate loan, the interest rate may increase.