VA loan funding fee facts: Who pays what (and who pays nothing) – Some funding fees for other types of VA loans: Cash-out refinancing loans: 2.15 percent for active-duty past and present (2.4 percent reserve-component) for first-time use. Rate moves to 3.3.

VA Funding Fee – The VA Funding Fee is paid directly to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and is the reason they can guarantee this no-money-down loan program. This fee is paid so that VA eligibile borrowers can enjoy loan benefits such as $0 down financing and no PMI payments.

VA funding fees sustain the program and make it available for future. Qualifying veterans receive low interest rates and never have to pay.

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The funding fees for a VA cash-out refinance for regular military are 2.15 percent of the loan amount for first use and 3.3 percent for subsequent use. For reservists and National Guard, the fee is 2..

Who is exempt from paying the VA funding fee? While there is a funding fee for a VA home loan, some people are exempt from paying. If you are a veteran getting disability compensation for service-related medical issues, or are entitled to get compensation if you aren’t drawing retirement pay, you are exempt from the VA funding fee for your VA.

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The VA funding fee is a percentage of the loan amount that is applied to every VA purchase and finance. The proceeds from the fee go directly to the VA to help keep the loan guarantee program running.

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The VA Funding Fee: What , How Much, and Who is Exempt – How much is the VA Funding Fee The amount of the funding fee will be dependent on several factors including down payment (if any), whether it is a first or subsequent use of VA benefits, type of Military service, or of it’s a streamline refinance.

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